6 Reasons To Eat Chocolate

6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate

As Easter is right under our noses, it would be cruel to give reasons to avoid the good stuff! Let’s be frank here; we’re going to be eating it this weekend, right? As a self confessed chocoholic, I think it’s important to keep to the 80/20 rule to allow yourself treats from time to time! It usually helps to stick to plans and long term goals because you don’t miss foods or feel like you’re being restricted! Now without further adieu here are some awesome reasons, you don’t have to feel guilty this Easter Sunday! I have to point out that these benefits only apply to good quality dark chocolate, so stick to the 70% and over if you can!


  1. Chocolate makes you happy: Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine which is the same chemical that the brain creates when you’re falling in love. It encourages your brain to release endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happy!
  2. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants: Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants which clears your body of free radicals and can even slow down the aging process!
  3. Good for the skin: Flavonoids in dark chocolate can help protect and increase blood flow to the skin. This can help to improve the skin’s hydration and complexion. Dark chocolate can also help protect the skin against harmful UV rays because the compounds in chocolate act as UV filters!
  4. Heart Healthy: Dark chocolate may increase the blood flow and ensure the heart is working as it should! This happens because the blood vessels become more dilated, increasing blood flow. So basically chocolate = A happy heart!
  5. Brain Boosting: It’s said that to boost your brainpower, as with the heart-flavonols boosts blood flow to key parts of the brain which could improve performance and alertness in the short term. SO the next time you have to go in for any test or exam, be sure to bring some dark chocolate with you and get that A+....
  6. It tastes fantastic: Well this is the obvious one! We all love the dark stuff and it can be implemented into so many great recipes; from the simple strawberries dipped in chocolate to a delicious raw chocolate tart! Most supermarkets sell lots of good quality chocolate now and I even see 90% dark chocolate in most. I wouldn't recommend that to newbies as it is very bitter. Start out with the 70% and work from there, for me that tastes quite sweet now, as I accustomed myself to the darker choices.


Happy Easter!


Written by: PrimalPiggy




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