Team Stript Takes on Tough Mudder

Ireland is a very different place now than when I moved down to Cape Town in 2007. If you told me
back then that 6,000 people would pay 130 euros to go to an event where they would be
electrocuted and wade through pits of mud I would have said you’re mad. Tough Mudder was the
first adventure race, if that’s what you want to call it, that I’ve ever done. I’d describe it as half way
between a triathlon and a music festival. It’s basically a half marathon across obstacles, barbed wire,
high walls, semi-submerged pipes and mud...Loads of mud. On paper that doesn’t sound great but
it’s actually a serious bit of craic! I think I laughed the whole way around the track. You get taken
through a warm up that gets the blood flowing by various different methods, one of which is to turn
around and shout in the face of a complete stranger beside you. Before you kick off you get a pep
talk at the start line that is funny but also reinforces that it’s not a race but is all about working as
a team and helping each over obstacles etc. More whooping and cheering! We went off in a wave
with a load of lads wearing dressing gowns- not the best when one of the first obstacles involves
hopping in to a tank full of icy water and swimming underneath a row of tyres! You’re fairly wrecked
by the time you get to the finish line and just when you think you’ve been through it all, the last
obstacle gives you the dart you need to get you over the line- literally. It involves running through a
load of dangling cables that pulse every couple of seconds – if you’ve ever been given a dart by an
electric fence in a field you’ll know the gist..
At the end of the race you get a bottle of beer, that I coupled with our delicious Red Chilli, Gluten Free,
High Protein Stript Snacks to ease the pain of what I had just put my body through. 
So Ireland certainly has changed in the last few years. For the better, I reckon so. Will I be signing up
again next year? As they say in Tough Mudder, “HELL YEAH!”


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