5 Ways To Become a Morning Gym Person

In all too familiar words, 'winter is coming', and we all know once winter comes, getting out of bed gets harder and harder, never mind getting out to go to the gym. We throw the foot out of the bed for a quick 'temperature check', then tuck it back in as we have now decided it's too cold to even try to move from our cosy quarters. Now you're hitting the snooze button 14 times until your morning routine leads to the morning rush. 

For this very reason we have come up with these 5 steps to becoming a morning gym person to help you get up and perform. 

Set An Alarm and Move Your Phone

Set your alarm the night before and place your phone across the room from your bed. Force yourself to take steps in the morning to get out of bed.


Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. No doubt at some point in your life this has been muttered at you by a parent. Simply placing your work clothes in the gym bag the night before can be one of the best steps. Now, as you wake up, your gym clothing becomes easier to put on than your work clothes. 

Drink Water

Leave a glass/bottle of water beside your bed. Drink this all as soon as you wake up. This not only helps energise the body nice and early but also has a host of Health benefits including increase metabolism, and proper hydration for performance in your gym session. 


We know there are plenty of people that like to train fasted in the mornings. But this is not a necessity at all. By eating something like a packet of nuts with a packet of Biltong, your body can be fully prepped and ready to go to perform in the gym. Biltong has less calories than rice cakes in most cases, and more protein per gram than any protein bar. 

Get out the door and to the gym

Getting to the gym is the hardest part. But once you're there, the battle is already nearly won. Once your there, it's easy to get on a treadmill, pick up a weight or hop on the rowing machine. Now you're exercising and you're ready for the day ahead. 

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