5 Tips for Clean eating on the Road


With summer upon us, no doubt you’re all planning some groovy holidays. Be it a trip to somewhere hot and tropical or a family staycation, a break is always welcome. If you’ve been working super hard on your nutrition this year and don’t want to undo all of your hard work and have to reset, then read on for some of our great tips to keep your diet squeaky clean while vacating.


  1. Pack smart: If you don’t pack some healthy snacks, chances are you have already failed. Pulling up to a roadside garage while famished is going to leave you grabbing some sugary processed snacks for sure! My number one go-to snack for travelling is Biltong because it is non-perishable and even on super hot days isn't going to get affected. You can order some right here: More options include nuts, protein bars and trail mix.


  1. Think 80%: Remember you're on holiday too so you have to enjoy yourself and experience the local food which maybe not always fit to your regime. If you choose a poor snack or meal, don't throw everything out the window and go wild-simply get back to your clean eating regime the following day.


  1. Hydrate: Air con in trains, planes and automobiles is a recipe for dehydration. Be sure to get lots of H2O into you. If you are on any long flights, be sure to consume at least 200ml of water every hour to ensure you are feeling fresh. You can add some fruit to the water to help you drink more! My favorite combo is mint, lime and cucumber.


  1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: No I don't mean you are going to have to do a load of food prep on your holiday, but have a look at what is going to be near you; restaurants, supermarkets etc Think about the environment you will be in and foresee any extras you may need to bring so you are not stuck. This could mean packing your nutri-bullet so you can still ensure you're getting your protein hit!


  1. Be a grazer: This is most important when you are travelling, don’t allow yourself to go hungry at any point, it’s a recipe for disaster! It’s at these moments that the big yellow M sign in distance starts to get more appetizing by the second! When you’re at your destination and out exploring be sure to have snacks in your bag for weak moments! (Did we mention that Stript Snacks fit perfectly in any bag without taking up any space?) All that walking around can work up a hunger so being prepared will bring you up to dinner-time will no failures-Means you can save some room for an epic meal and some cheeky cocktails perhaps!


Written by Primal Piggy 



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