How to Deal with a Sweet Tooth

Biltong to Deal with Sweet Tooth

As humans we like to reward ourselves, especially after a hard week's work that usually ends with us reaching for a tub of ice-cream or glass of wine. The main issue with sugar is that it is highly addictive and releases serotonin giving us that “happy feeling” It’s the main reason people reach for the bars of chocolate when the 3pm slump hits, it seems like the only cure to get through the rest of the afternoon.


If you feel you are constantly reaching for the sugary snacks then keep reading as I run you through some easy hacks to change the way you think.


First things first, you are going to have to go cold turkey for at least 5 days, this means cutting out on all sugar (refined and unrefined!) If you decide to introduce some natural sugars, go for some maple syrup or honey.


Change the way you snack

  • Snack on foods high in protein such as Stript snacks Biltong, they are sugar free and make a great snacks for morning or afternoon cravings.
  • Apple and almond butter
  • Plain greek yogurt and berries (Berries contain the least sugars out of all the fruits)
  • Oat cakes and peanut butter


Fats and Protein

  • These guys are going to be your friend, load up on protein and good fats to keep you feeling full for longer and keeping your blood sugar levels even.
  • Choose natural protein such as chicken, Turkey or our delicious Biltong. 
  • Good fats such as avocado, coconut oil, nut butter.


Cheat day

Just because you decide to have a cheat day doesn't mean you should order that wagon wheel size pizza and then inhale a tub of Ben and Jerry’s because your mind tells you that you messed up anyway! Make some healthy treats that you can have on standby, I usually keep homemade flapjacks or cookies in a jar for those weak moments, dark chocolate is always good to have in the press, choose anything over 75%.



It’s so common for us to confuse thirst for hunger! If you are someone who trains regularly then you should be consuming 3-4 litres a day, hands up who drinks that much? Nope, not enough of us at all!! Keep a large bottle on your desk and make sure you are getting your RDA!


Food Diary

When tracking your food, it’s also great to keep some notes on when you get your worst cravings. Keeping track will help you address the issue and you can change your meals around to suit this. I get my worst cravings in the evening when I’m relaxing or watching a movie, I always keep some greek yogurt in the fridge for these moments, you can jazz it up so it feels like a cheat meal.



If you are not getting enough sleep you can be sure you are going to craving the sweet stuff to get you through the day! Ideally you should be looking at 7-8 hours, obviously we are all programmed differently and some may function better on less or more. If we don’t get enough sleep, we make poor choices as our bodies crave energy; this could mean going for more carbs or sugary drinks/snacks than you normally would.

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