5 ways to get better sleep naturally

Getting a good night sleep is essential for optimum health. At Stript Snacks we all mad about our Biltong but also all aspects of health  If you’re training regularly, it’s important for the body to recover while you sleep. Not getting enough rest will mess up your nutrition! You’ll crave energy and end up grabbing sugary snacks or overdoing the coffee. There can also be medical reasons for insomnia such as stress or hormonal issues. I’m going to run through some natural ways to ensure you get a good night sleep and improve your overall wellbeing.

  • Switch off:
Light emitting devices can be harmful to your health, (bet you didn't know that when you were scrolling through Instagram until midnight!) Light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that tells your body it’s night time and time for shut-eye. Ban the electronics
from the bedroom and switch off 20 minutes before you go to bed. Read a book, colour in or just have a nice chat with family or friends
  • Cut down on the Caffeine: I know, I’m sorry! Avoid caffeine after 3pm as it takes a few hours for the body to extract it from the system. If you are drinking more than 3 cups a day, try eliminate it for 3-4 weeks and keep a diary of sleeping patterns. The diary will help you understand if the elimination process is working!
  • Take a Bath: Relax in a soothing bath with epsom salts or natural oils such as lavender. Epsom salts are packed with magnesium which will increase the production of serotonin- the mood enhancing chemical that the brain produces to feel relaxed and calm. Natural oils such as lavender has been used for decades to aid sleep and stress. Rub a drop of Lavender oil on your palms and smooth on your pillow to help you sleep.
  • Break a Sweat: Daily exercise every can help you get great sleep, just don't train too close to bedtime as this will confuse your body. The endorphins released when you excercise remove feelings of stress and anxiety which will lead to a better night sleep, simples!
  • Follow a routine: Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, and on the weekends if possible. It will help your body get into a rhythm and make it easier to fall asleep and rise early in the morning. You should set up your room as a sanctuary, somewhere you want to go and switch off. Invest in a good-quality mattress and pillows, paint the room a calming colour and keep it tidy and airy.




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