5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


5 ways to beat the winter blues

Each year Winter seems to come quicker than than the last, and is more of a shock to the system! The truth is that it’s usually the same every year, we just don’t like it and that’s the problem. It’s not just the weather that turns gloomy; the dark mornings and evenings can make you feel a little under the weather and just not like yourself. Your normal routine can get affected as you skip the gym to hide under a cosy duvet! As lovely as that sounds, it’s not always the answer! Get up, get to the gym, and don't forget your Biltong for post workout. Now we’re going to look at 5 ways to lift your spirits this winter!

  1. Stay Active

Staying active is so important for a healthy mind! The hardest part is getting up to go, so get some friends to go at the same time, as it’s easier knowing you’re all going to be there together! Getting out of your bubble and socialising with friends while you train will pull you out of the cranky rut you may have found yourself in. Don’t forget about those endorphins, pushing yourself in the gym will have you buzzing after, and you probably won’t even notice the dark when you leave!

2. Lighten Up

Getting natural daylight is essential to avoid the winter blues. If you work during the day, go for a walk at lunchtime while it’s still bright! This may not always be an option so you may want to consider switching some of the lightbulbs in your home or office to those that simulate natural light. If your condition is particularly bad, you could invest in a special lightbox which is designed to mimic natural daylight and treat SAD Syndrome.

3. Take Vitamin D

Known as the Sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D has been treating SAD syndrome for years. In colder climates we can become deficient in this vitamin as we experience less natural sunlight. To boost your vitamin D intake, a good supplement is essential. Food wise you should eat ALL of your eggs as the yolk is loaded with vitamin D, and fatty fish is another great source of natural nutrients.

4. Practice Meditation/Mindfulness

It is important to live in the now and embrace whatever gets thrown at you (including snowballs!) Use Winter as an excuse to have a cosy night in and practice some meditation at home; light some candles and really stop. This is a great way to improve your mood and overall wellbeing. We live such busy lifestyles these days, and with the Christmas rush approaching this is the perfect way to chill!

5. Embrace it

Why get upset about things we cannot change? I am naturally a summer person but there are some things about Winter that I love! Think christmas markets, mulled wine, cosy nights in watching movies to name a few! And why stop there? Brisk morning walks or hikes on a frosty morning is fantastic for both body and mind. If you’re really brave (or crazy enough) have a dip in the Irish Sea, even for a few seconds - it’s great craic!! If you do get the winter blues, that’s ok too, call some friends and plan a fun night out and I guarantee you’ll be forgetting about them soon enough!


Written by Primal Piggy. Check her out on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram 

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