How to Stay Motivated Beyond January

Year on year, people are raving about the New Year, New Me saga! It can put a lot of pressure on your daily routine and if you go too strict, too quick, you can find yourself running back to your old habits when the month is up! We’re going to look at some great ways to avoid losing steam as the year goes on and it’s not even that tough! Just incase you forgot Summer bodies are made in winter, all you have to do is trust the process!


  1. Drop the “D” word: Diets are usually temporary and involve a whole lot of restriction. The issue with this is that you put yourself through torture just to lose a few pounds quickly! Then at the end of the month you’re let off the lead, run and eat everything you avoided for the month and it’s back to square one! Make your changes in small. i.e. trading chocolate for biltong
  2. Workout with a Friend/Partner: You can’t go wrong with a support system! When you make a commitment with someone, you won’t let them down. They’ll be there to share the pain, give you some tough love when you need an extra push and be there to celebrate the milestones. There is going to be ups and downs on this journey, so it’s great to have the support! They will be just as grateful when the going gets tough...
  3. Enjoy what you’re doing: If you're sweating it out in an aerobics class but you’d much rather be lifting heavy metal, realistically you’re never going to stick with it! Find something that you truly enjoy because that’s what will drive you to keep going back! There is something out there for everyone and just because friends tell you they love spinning, it doesn't mean you will too!  
  4. Set a goal: It’s easier to know where you are going if you focus on a goal. If it’s to lose a few pounds or cut some time off your 5K, writing it down and focusing on that will definitely keep you motivated. You could set up a little reward system, by treating yourself every time you reach a new milestone.
  1. Baby steps: The main thing to keep in mind is that this is a lifestyle change, it takes time! Don’t give up just because you haven’t gotten the results you expected in 4 weeks. Enjoy the process and be proud of yourself for taking control of your life for the better! Stay strong and you can be sure that when the summer creeps in you will be strutting up and down the beach with confidence.

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