5 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Sugar has always been my weakness, even if I gave up all the refined crap, I’d still over do the natural sugars. Even as a teenager I had the willpower to become Vegetarian and continued with this for 10 years! Now sugar on the other hand, I’ve gone 5 days without the hard stuff and I feel like I want to bang my head off a wall, it’s not right.


It’s no secret in the media that removing sugar from your diet can have amazing benefits and it has become the talk of the town. Sugar has even been likened to Cocaine with extraordinary addictive properties!


We’re going to look at five of the top reasons to kick the white stuff out of your diet for good!


  1. You’ll be happier: Upset sugar levels can add to anxiety and depression. Yes, eating some sugar will give you a temporary high, but over time it affects the body’s natural ability to cope with stress and your dopamine levels. Instead of reaching for the sweet stuff, try eating more serotonin boosting foods such as avocado, eggs and nuts, or high protein nice foods such as Biltong
  2. Your skin will look amazing:  Sugar causes premature aging because it creates new molecules that attack the collagen in your skin! Collagen and skin elastics are turned into AGES (advanced glycosylation end products) and their soft like fibres break down which leads to your skin becoming saggy and wrinkled! Not even the most expensive moisturiser on the market can fix that!
  3. Your energy levels will improve: I’ll be honest with you here, this won’t happen in the first 2 weeks, in fact it will be quite the opposite! BUT stick with it and I promise you that you will be bouncing out of the bed in the mornings after that! Sugar gives you a false sense of energy and you’ll have to come down eventually. Unfortunately this leads to more cravings and you are then caught in a vicious circle!
  4. You’ll sleep like a baby: Sugar can upset the body and cause disrupted sleep as it makes you more agitated and unable to relax. When you remove sugar from the diet, you should notice that you can go into a deep sleep easily and waking up should be a breeze! You can say goodbye to hitting the snooze button, that's for sure!
  1. Strengthen the immune system: Did you know that sugar wreaks havoc on our immune system? This is because it’s one of the main causes of inflammation in the body. When we eat sugar it causes a surge of insulin, the problem here is that insulin makes our bodies less equipped to fight off dreaded cold and flus! Cut out the white stuff and you can can be guaranteed an immune system made of steel!


Written By: @primalpiggy,

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