How To Meal Prep Like A Ninja

We all know how important it is to prep food to stay on track, the quote “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is embedded in our brains from day one of any fitness journey! It’s so true, if you have meals prepped the desire to pick up the phone and order a takeaway becomes unnecessary. When you prep your own meals, you know exactly what goes into them, making it easy to hit the right macros. Let’s not forget how insane we become when “Hangry”, that can also be avoided with some organisation!

At first it might feel like a chore but over time it will naturally become routine. I usually take a couple of hours on a Sunday to prep meals and snacks for the week, so you have to make a plan that suits you and go for it!

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be prepping like a ninja in no time!

  • Plan out your macros: You have to know your numbers before you even think about prepping. This will ensure to hit your daily quota and that you never go hungry because of the low calories etc. You will also need to look at how many days your are going to prep for and how many meals. Some people might only prep lunch or dinner and some snacks and that works out great, so think about your goals and lifestyle!
  • Choose a day: Think about a day in the week that you know you will be able to prep every week! For me it’s a Sunday, I spend a couple of hours in the morning or early afternoon making some meals and then it’s done and you still have the rest of your day to do whatever you want!
  • Invest in some decent tupperware: As you are going to plan out lots of meals your fridge will be jam packed full of boxes. It’s best to go with one brand that you can stack easily saving you space. It’s also important to choose a good brand that ensures the food stays airtight, especially as you will most likely be travelling with the food.
  • Keep it simple: Leave the fancy stuff for impressing friends! Stick to a protein: chicken fillet/burger, steak, turkey mince/burger and then a measured amount of unprocessed carbohydrates: think rice, sweet potato etc, bulk it up with some healthy fats and then a load of greens. Always go for easy to cook options too, it will save you a lot of time and hassle!
  • Don’t make yourself sick: Most foods should keep for about 3-4 days, I wouldn't recommend adding any salad until you are actually eating the meal. Salad leaves don’t keep for long and can ruin an otherwise perfect dish. It’s a good idea to keep note of the date on the box especially if you are freezing any of the meals! Make sure to follow the food safety guide on freezing and reheating if you are doing that.
  • Snack Right: Buy your healthy snacks in bulk. Number 1, it's cheaper. Number 2 it's far easier then to plan your days food. Most of the time you'll fall off the wagon through your poor snacking decisions. Our Biltong is available in boxes of 6 packs, making it easy to at bare minimum eat well for 6/7 days. 
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