8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Christmas

You've been working hard all year round on your diet and fitness, so why undo all of your hard work at Christmas? It means you’ll be starting all over again come January which I can assure you will not be fun! From Christmas parties to family dinners there will be temptation around every corner. I’m going to run through some tips that will help you stay on track while still having all the fun!

At the dinner table: Whether it’s your work party or a family get together, there will be unavoidable moments of temptation. Do your best to be mindful and load your plate with veggies, avoid the bread and going loco with the potatoes! Avoid heavy desserts like Christmas pudding and opt for a fruit salad or some ice-cream/sorbet.

Finger food: Enjoy chicken skewers and vegetable crudités, as they are the good snacks! Avoid greasy cocktail sausages and potato wedges are they are full the wrong kind of fats!

Stay active: Your training doesn’t have to come to a standstill over the holidays! Round the family up for a brisk morning walk after breakfast, brave the elements and go for a dip in the ocean on Christmas Day. There are lots of ways to keep moving to ensure you’re not back to square one in January!

Host a party: By hosting your own party you can have control over what food is served. Not that you want to be a party pooper, but you can make tweaks to the menu and show people how awesome clean eating can actually be and once they hear it’s healthy, going for seconds won’t make anyone feel bad!!

Tis the season to be jolly: Overindulging on the hard stuff can be the main culprit in ruining your diet! One pint of beer alone can knock up over 200 calories - add a few of them to the extra food you’re also consuming and you can be sure that you’ll be feeling a whole lot fluffier! It’s good to be a mindful of what you’re drinking; wine is good with dinner but can also be heavy in calories. Mix clear spirits with some soda water and lime to stop the insulin spikes that happens with sugary drinks.

The 80/20 rule: Ok, so this is the loophole you’ve been waiting for! There are times when eating clean just isn’t an option! So if you go to Aunt May’s house and she has spent all day cooking, I wouldn’t be asking her for the low carb version! We eat clean 80%-90% of the time, so going a bit wild one night isn’t going to ruin everything, just get back on track the next day!

Snack attack: Don’t go anywhere absolutely starving, chances are when you arrive you will eat anything in sight! Have a snack (or carry some Stript Snacks Biltong in your bag) so you can avoid any “hanger” situations!

Don’t stress: You have to relax and enjoy yourself at Christmas - it’s a time to be with those close to you and make memories for the future! Don’t spend the whole time stressing about food and diet, be mindful when you can but if you want cake.. eat it!! You have to remember you have worked hard all year and we all deserve a “treat day”.

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