Biltong: The perfect snack for weight control

As we all know, working in an office can be a hard place to avoid poor snacking decisions and a lot of the time it becomes difficult to consistently be 'good'. Those 11am and 3pm snacking times hit hard, but before you go reaching for your bland rice cakes consider Biltong. 

Biltong, believe it or not has less calories than rice cakes! Check it out for yourself. 

 Biltong and Rice Cakes

Biltong is also very high in protein. Every bag of biltong is at least 51% protein. Making it a far better snack for weight loss than rice cakes, with a much better taste. 

High protein is essential to weight loss diets as it promotes muscle growth and repair. The better your bodies composition of muscle and fat i.e. less fat, more muscle, the more calories your body burns daily. 

Biltong has many uses. On top of being a great on the go protein snack, it can also be used as a delicious tender meat topping for your low calories salads to give your meal a higher sense of fulfillment in your meal. Check out our range of Biltong Recipes for some inspiration.

Biltong Salad

Stript Snacks Biltong is also Gluten Free and All Natural making it the perfect guilt free snack for any time in the day. 

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