Tips for Maintaining Winter Workout Motivation

Stript Snacks Biltong and Running

Training hard all year round can be hard, but we all know once the weather takes a turn, it can be hard to stay motivated and keep exercising, especially now Christmas is getting closer. Certainly when you wake up early and see that it's still as dark as it was when you went to sleep, it's much harder to take yourself out of the warm bed sheets. We have compiled some tips to becoming a morning gym person, if that tickles your fancy but for now we've thrown together a few tips to help you get that motivation back for the rest of Winter. 

1. Enjoy the Calories

The Christmas period brings along many chances to over eat compared to what you usually would. Of course, there are always healthier options to snacking, like our Biltong snacks but at Christmas the biscuits are never too far away. So if you, like us, find it difficult to avoid the extra snacks when family and friends are around, take those calories to your heavy lifts in the gym. Enjoy watching the weights fly up and test those PB's out. 

2. Make a Plan

Create a training regime that you can stick to. Aim to get outside and active at least once a day, even it is just to walk the dog for half an hour. Get out, get the fresh air into the lungs and clear the head. 

3. Get a Training Buddy

Winter is an easy time to accept that you're just going to eat, drink and be merry. Find a friend to train with. This will keep you on track and will keep you motivated to keep turning up to the gym and getting work done. 

4. Warm Up

If you're planning an outdoor exercise, get a good stretch and warm up in. Hamstrings, calves and get the glutes firing. Cold weather can bring some unwanted muscle injuries if you don't warm up and stretch first before going out. To warm up, simple things like star jumps, burpees, jogging on the spot can be enough to get the blood flowing. 

5. Take Vitamin D

As winter roles around we spend more and more time indoors, we get less natural sunlight than we usually would. Vitamin D, the sunshine Vitamin, has been treating 'SAD syndrome' for years. Taking your daily dose of this sunshine vitamin can give you the mental boost you need to maintain your level of training. 



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