Tips For Nailing Your New Years Resolutions

New Year New You. New years Resolutions and Biltong

Year on year, we pledge to better ourselves after having a few too many of pretty much everything over the Christmas period. January poses as a time to right the so called wrongs. Many of us take the route of fitness and weight loss at this time to shed the unwanted pounds. To help you stay on track and get the best results possible we have compiled the below tips to help you nail your New Year’s Resolution.

Understand your reasons

Find your ‘Why’. If you can outline the honest reason as to why you are planning on undertaking this journey, you hold yourself fully accountable to the outcome and therefore devote yourself to it further.

Set Measurable Goals

Set small, reachable goals, and stick to completing them. Break the overall goal down into smaller pieces and execute each smaller goal. These will then contribute greatly to your success. Remember, many bricks are needed to make a wall. Make your wall brick by brick.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Eating a hearty, healthy breakfast in the morning can really help you carry on as you mean to go on. You will stay full for longer, therefore avoiding poor snack decisions throughout the day.

Track Your Eating

These days, with the amount of easily accessible fitness apps available to us, there’s not much reason to not track your food. It’s a great way to understand the calories/macronutrients you are consuming. MyFitnessPal, is our favourite. You can scan almost any barcode on to the app and all its details will be stored there. Even our delicious, low calorie, Irish Biltong can be found on there.

Track your exercises

In order to improve we need to track everything we do to evaluate our performance moving forward. Be that, what exercises you performed in the gym and how many reps, or what distance you have ran each day. Track what you’ve done and aim to beat it week on week, even by small amounts.

Keep it Interesting

Performing the same exercises weekly can be end up being quite mundane. Add something new week on week. Try one of our HIIT workouts to finish your session. There’s 12 on our Youtube channel and they’ll help you get a good sweat on and also keep your sessions interesting week on week.

Treat Yourself

When you've been nailing absolutely every piece of your resolution, take a step back, realise how far you've come and treat yourself. The perfect way to do this, is to buy yourself some brand new gym clothing. Good friends of ours over at have the perfect range of men's and womens gym clothing that is definitely worth investing in to get yourself feeling excited about your new found body. 


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