Team Stript

David Horne

Achievements to date

36th in Age Group (5 weeks after breaking arm) at the Geneva European Sprint Triathlon Championships (2015)

13th in Age Group at the European Sprint Duathlon Championships in Madrid (2015)

8th in Age Group (and 2nd Brit) in the M40-44 Kitzbuhel European Sprint Triathlon Championships (2014)

3rd in Age group at the Althorp Sprint Duathlon European Duathlon Championship Qualifier (2014)

2nd in Age Group at the Newbiggin Sprint Triathlon European Sprint Triathlon Qualifier (2013)

16th in Age Group in the M40-44 Alayna, Turkey European Standard Triathlon Championships (2013)

1st Hercules Standard Triathlon (2013)

3rd in Age Group at the Strathclyde Sprint Triathlon European Sprint Triathlon Qualifier (2012)

Coaching Tips

  1. Train in a group, it will seem easier and force to you turn up to train when you would maybe miss a session
  2. Work out how to get quicker on the bike, for example: get more aero, get a good bike fit, get some decent wheels and work hard in training (on the turbo)
  3. Don’t train when you are sick
  4. Get out of shape when the season is over. It’s important to let the body and the mind unwind and recover
  5. Keep things in balance - remember that your family and work come first

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