What is Stript Snacks?

Stript Snacks is an all Irish air-dried steak snack, based on the South African idea of Biltong. It is sourced from fully traceable prime Irish Beef and made with all natural ingredients.

Where is the Beef sourced from?

The Beef is sourced from Co.Cork in Ireland is fully traceable back to the farm. Grass fed Irish cattle provide a tender, lean and nutritious end product.

    I want to cut sugar out of my diet; will Stript Snacks suit?

    In a word, yes! Stript Snacks has no added sugar resulting in in a low GI product. Snacking on low glyecemic index  foods means that you don’t get the sugar spike and slump that you would with other sugary products. Insulin levels stay low and you're body is more prone to burning fat.

    Is Stript Snacks suitable for Coeliacs?

    Stript Snacks is gluten free and free from all allergens. It is registered on the approved list of gluten free products of the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

    Is Stript Snacks only for athletes?

    Whether you are running triathlons, playing rugby or simply are looking for a tasty and nutritious snack to pick at while sitting at your desk in work, Stript provides you with the perfect snack. 

    What role does Stript Snacks have in my diet?

    Stript Snacks is high in protein; 13g per 25g pack to be exact. Protein is used for the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle. Following a high protein and low carbohydrate diet, such as the Paleo diet, is used for the reduction of fat in the body. Stript Snacks is also an ideal snack for anybody counting calories as it only has 61 calories per pack

    How do I contact Stript Snacks for a wholesale query?

    Contact Stript Snacks sales by emailing comments@striptsnacks.com or by ringing Niall on 0833155294 and we’ll look after you from there.

    How long will it take my online purchase to be delivered?

    The Stript Snacks team will ensure that once you make your purchase it will be dispatched the next working day, or in some cases we may be able to dispatch on the very same day.

    TIP.. Parcels get delivered during work hours so better to sort delivery to your place of work unless there will be somebody at home to receive it.

    How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery is free in Republic of Ireland on all orders over €20 and 5 euro elsewhere.

    Where can I buy Stript Snacks offline?

    Through our list of stockists, you can buy our biltong in London, Dublin, Galway and Cork. For a full list of our stockists, check out our Store Locator  page to find your nearest retailer.