Biltong the High Protein Paleo Snack

If you follow a paleo diet, you might find that your options for healthy paleo snacks are limited. That's where Stript comes in. We make high protein snacks for people on the move.

Not only are our beef steak snacks paleo, they're also low in fat, high in protein and full of essential recovery and growth nutrients like zinc, iron and B-vitamins. There's nothing artificial about Stript beef snacks, and there never will be.



The paleo diet is built around lean meats, and is free of any kind of processed foods or ingredients. Some athletes perform better when following a high protein paleo diet, while others just love it because it makes them feel good. We're here to support you, whatever your goals.



Our prime Irish beef Biltong is grass-fed and prepared by hand to ensure the best possible quality. So whether you're a runner, yogi, bodybuilder, CrossFitter or just someone who appreciates good food, Stript snacks are perfect for you.

Some of the other benefits you’ll receive from enjoying paleo snacks and other high protein snacks with your activities are:  

  • You will eat a clean diet without additives or preservatives and chemicals.
  • More Iron through increased meat intake
  • Sugar free