The story of beef biltong dates back to the 17th century, when the first Dutch settlers – the Voortrekkers – to arrive in South Africa, hung seasoned beef from the backs of their oxen wagon, as a source of protein on the go.
Today, biltong, which comes from the words 'BIL' meaning 'rump' and 'TONG' meaning 'strip' is made with everything from kudu, to ostrich and even crocodile – although we'll be sticking to prime Irish beef for our biltong for now.

Great Tasting Biltong

Biltong sliced


Our grass-fed beef is perfect for nutritious biltong; it's high in protein, low in fat, packed with essential nutrients for growth and repair, and doesn't contain any added sugar. We've made it easy to buy biltong online, so that you can avoid the chemical stuff! 

You don't need to be a bodybuilder to enjoy Stript beef snacks, either. Since our steak snacks are packed with protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins, they're perfect for anyone looking for for a healthier way to stay in shape and enjoy life.

Biltong and Skiing


We’ve ‘Stript’ our Biltong of all that bad stuff leaving it, MSG free, with no added sugars with less calories than rice cakes  The beef used to make this tender and tasty biltong is fully traceable comes from grass-fed cattle on small- holdings in County Cork.



Ross's Story

Stript Biltong is obsessed with 3 things:

  • Taste

    • Tender air-dried beef steak pieces seasoned with: cracked black pepper or medium spice red chilli
  • Nutrition

    • Protein (13g)
    • Calories (61kCal)
    • No added sugar
    • Gluten free
    • Paleo friendly
  • Quality

    • All natural ingredients
    • Fully traceable Irish beef
    • Prime cut of beef for a tender biting Biltong

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Ronan Gormley, Irish International Hockey Player

Ronan Gormley, Irish International Hockey Player

As an athlete I am always on the look out for high quality snacks to fill the gap. Stript Snacks taste great, is high in protein and is made from Irish beef which means it ticks a lot of boxes for me. It's the best tasting Irish biltong out there!

Chris Stirling, Triathlete and International Mountain Runner

Chris Stirling, Triathlete and International Mountain Runner

As an athlete I understand the importance of good nutrition, timing and how crucial this is to my recovery and performance. As the saying goes "you can’t out train a bad diet". Finding a handy source of lean protein, free from artificial preservatives, gluten free, that tastes great is not an easy task. Stript Irish biltong ticks all these boxes and it’s made from 100% Irish beef too, perfect!

Paddy Holohan, Professional UFC Fighter

Paddy Holohan, Professional UFC Fighter

I found beef jerky when I lived in Canada, it was so handy to eat on the go and it was great for snacking on before training. When I got back to Ireland, I couldn’t find a brand that tasted as nice and that was as low in sugar until I found Stript Snacks. It gave me a huge boost when I was cutting weight before fights, I could eat Stript biltong snacks without cheating. I’ll take all the help I can get when I’m trying to be the “biggest smallest man on the planet!”